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Modeling: making a custom made Spartan with M247 GPMG Turret

By : LeonDelgado
Many of you will be able to get your Spartans from Ebay and Halo Actionclix (or Heroclix) booster packs, but one of the most important weapons of the game is very difficult to obtain: the M247 GPMG Turret.

In an ideal world you would be able to get some extra miniatures of Jorge (from the halo reach set) and painted to fit into your Spartan squat. Whoever, the halo reach set is one of the most difficult of find (if ever) on Ebay and can be very expensive.

Looking for options I check into the amazing Infinity miniatures range and find the special deterrence group azra'il. This is a model that has a similar weapon to Jorge and an armor that can be similar to an MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.

So I got one (from Dark sphere, London), and using an extra Spartan model I have I got a new replacing head for my new miniature. With some green stuff I sculpted a nect (and check that the head fit) and then painted it black and then blue (later I will do the same for my red team).

This is how I manage to get a new and impressive Spartan with heavy turret weapon ready to join blue team.

Halo mega blocks in your table-top games?

By : LeonDelgado
This is an interesting Idea, I know that maybe many of you would feel that a toy that is basically a Lego version of halo belongs to young people, but in the recent years I manage to get some of these products and I was impress with the quality of them. So why we cannot use them to play war-games?

Let me explain (and tell my story): a year a go I find one the set of the covenant anti air turret on ebay. I buy it to see the quality and to use it as terrain for halo. I was surprise with the quality of the models, and despite of the limitations the halo mega blocks manage to convey the vehicles and terrains of the halo universe, not mention that the characters are in a similar scale to the halo Heroclix line.

If you want to have access to a vast number of terrain, vehicles and miniatures (or mini-figurines as they call them) the halo Mega blocks is for you. A plus is that if you have a kid and you want to share your passion with him for halo and wargaming this is a good point to start, both can play the game with miniatures that will not break and will resist the abuse. 

Using infinity models in your halo games

By : LeonDelgado
For those who are looking to build your own halo miniatures to play your battles, there is a possible option: Infinity. This game from a Spanish manufacturer has one of the best sci-fi miniatures in the market, and with some minor changes you can convert those miniatures into halo characters.

Size comparison of the models, infinity model in the middle.

I planning to use some of those to represent the insurrectionist (and of course create some stats cards for them), and also to use some models to represent special Spartan characters for the game.

I'm bringing your attention to these models (and being hones, is a fun game), because some of you may find more entertaining to build your own miniatures instead of looking in ebay for models, and here is an interesting  option for your games. 
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Modeling: Building your Army with Anvil miniatures

By : LeonDelgado
Ok, you have downloaded the rulebook and print your Halo Tactics cards, now you need your miniatures to start playing. The ideal situation will be that you get some of the Halo Actionclix (or later Heroclix version) to play with these rules (there is a post in this blog about how to change the bases of these minis).

But some times is not easy to find the minis that you want, so today I want to discuss some options that you can use to play Halo tactics.

Models from Anvil industry

Recently I was on Salute 2015 and I was able to see the beutiful miniatures that Anvil Industry is producing for his game Afterlife and for his bits store of Exolords. Here you have the perfect minis to build Marines (similar to those that apeared in Halo 4) and ODST, with several options of weapons.

Unity Council Marine Corps 

As you can see the Unity Council Marine Corps are perfect for UNSC marines. For £19.50 you get 10 marines, including a sergeant, a medic and a Coms specialist. These is a good option to make great marines.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Unity-Council-Marine-Corps

Republic grenadiers
Again the Republic grenadiers from Anvil are perfect for ODST. For £19.50 you get 10 grenadiers, including a sergeant and a medic.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Republic/Republic-Grenadiers

Black ops Exolords
For Spartans you could use the range of the Exolords to mold your own version of the Halo spartans. I think Halo Actionclix spartans still easy to get on Ebay but here is an interesting option for you modeling skills.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/Exo-Lords/Black-Ops

Mini gun

I was lucky to get the model of Jorge with his beatiful  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
(basicly a torret), whorever I want to have a red and blue spartan with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun weapon (that is the reason of the Card on the profiles, so I need to made my own version. For those that want a marine with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
I think that the Mini gun from Anvil Industry can be a good option, with a good price (£2) you can get a spartan and replace the weapon with this parts.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/Minigun

The Prototype

I loved halo legends, specially the bad ass armor featured in the segment "the prototype", that armor with the technical name HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System was incredible. I want to make the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I part of my army. I find that Unity Council Ajax Exo-Mechs from Anvil are almost perfect for this, and in a future I will made the stats for those.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Ajax-Exo-Mechs
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New updated covenant Cards and Rules!

By : LeonDelgado

News from the front lines!

After being working on this, I updated all covenant stats cards for the covenant troops, that you can now download from the tap above. For the moment the Covenant heroes will no receive an update because I need to test them more.

Also the main rulebook was updated, with some minor fix on the missions and some basic rules.

The changes were:

Covenant cards:
- Reduce cost of all troops.
- Elite ranges now has shields.
- Hunters cost now 100 points, you can deploy 2 in a 200 pts squat as intended.
- Black ops Grunt now has a better attack value.
- Improve the attack value of Black ops Grunt, Jackals and drones.
- Hunter stats changed for balance.

Main Rulebook changes:
- Minor fixes on the knock back rule to clarify the blast weapon.
- Minor fix on the Hard point and Slayer missions.

On the Works:
The next thing for me is continue working on balancing the units, but now I want to make Ordnance cards, that will allow the player to get special gear and reinforcements during the battle, I will explain this in the future.

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New Halo Tokens!

By : LeonDelgado

Finally, after some time I was able to produce the tokens and templates for Halo Tactics. In the PDF file that you will find in the top of the blog you can find the tokens for weapons and grenades, and also the blast templates.

Weapon tokens: the weapon Tokens can be use to mark when a character dies and his weapon is left in the battlefield, also when a character pick up a weapon in the battlefield the token can be put next to the character to help the players to remember the fact that the character is using a weapon different from the one portrait in the miniature.

Grenade tokens: perfect to put in the character card and keep track of the grenades that the character has. Also when a character dies his grenades can be put in the battlefield to be pick up for another character.

Blast templates: here (in the page 2) you can find the blast template that can be use to understand who is impact by a game effect. Also is the Large blast and the Large blast with a plasma art instead of a fire explosion.

Bubble shield: some characters may start the game with a bubble shield projector, in that case here is the template to put in the battlefield to mark the place where the shield is deployed.

For printing those tokens you can use an A4 size paper of a Letter size paper (there is a PDF version of the templates for each size) but the ideal size would be the A4. 
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Dev Diaries: Knock Back Rules explained

By : LeonDelgado

In the new version of the rulebook (work in progress) I will define better the rules of some weapons, including how to use the Knock back ability of a weapon.

here is the updated rule that will affect weapons such frag grenades, missile lauchers and Fuel rod guns. 

knock back (X): Targets hit by this weapon are knock back a number of inches equal to X. Knock back represents a character being thrown backward by the force of an attack.
Move the character in a straight line away from the attacking character, called the knock back path. If multiple characters take damage from a game effect that causes knock back, resolve the knock back starting with the character farthest from the attacker.

A character’s knock back path ignore difficult or hindering terrain, but can’t continue if cross  an object that blocks movement, other character (friend or foe), elevated terrain of a higher elevation or the edge of the map. If it would do so, the character’s knock back path ends right before its path would cross into any of these obstacles, and the character takes 1 damage.

A character’s knock back path can push him outside a ledge, in that case the character will also take falling damage as normal.   

Some blast weapons or attacks have the Knock back rule, in that case the main target of the attack (the character in the center of the blast) is move following the rules of knock back, and other characters under the blast template move away from the centre of the template. As always the characters takes damage of the blast, plus 1 damage if the  knock back path is blocked.

What is next?

By : LeonDelgado
Some time past since my last post. I was working on some other projects and I leave Halo tactics on a side temporally. Now I’m planning to continue working on the project.

What is next:

I want to make new cards and tokens, but first I need to test more the game. Some people send me message (thought this blog and the facebook page) and looks like the community is growing, that is good. Now what I need is to play to see if the profiles are balance or need tweaking.

Once I feel that those profiles are working I plan to bring new toys into each army: my first task will be bring the Scorpion and the wrath (with variants). Those could be really fun to have in the game, fighting the covenant scarab.

Please, if you like this rules, try them and send me your feedback, could be great to know what is working and what is not.


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