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Modeling: Building your Army with Anvil miniatures

By : LeonDelgado
Ok, you have downloaded the rulebook and print your Halo Tactics cards, now you need your miniatures to start playing. The ideal situation will be that you get some of the Halo Actionclix (or later Heroclix version) to play with these rules (there is a post in this blog about how to change the bases of these minis).

But some times is not easy to find the minis that you want, so today I want to discuss some options that you can use to play Halo tactics.

Models from Anvil industry

Recently I was on Salute 2015 and I was able to see the beutiful miniatures that Anvil Industry is producing for his game Afterlife and for his bits store of Exolords. Here you have the perfect minis to build Marines (similar to those that apeared in Halo 4) and ODST, with several options of weapons.

Unity Council Marine Corps 

As you can see the Unity Council Marine Corps are perfect for UNSC marines. For £19.50 you get 10 marines, including a sergeant, a medic and a Coms specialist. These is a good option to make great marines.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Unity-Council-Marine-Corps

Republic grenadiers
Again the Republic grenadiers from Anvil are perfect for ODST. For £19.50 you get 10 grenadiers, including a sergeant and a medic.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Republic/Republic-Grenadiers

Black ops Exolords
For Spartans you could use the range of the Exolords to mold your own version of the Halo spartans. I think Halo Actionclix spartans still easy to get on Ebay but here is an interesting option for you modeling skills.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/Exo-Lords/Black-Ops

Mini gun

I was lucky to get the model of Jorge with his beatiful  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
(basicly a torret), whorever I want to have a red and blue spartan with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun weapon (that is the reason of the Card on the profiles, so I need to made my own version. For those that want a marine with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
I think that the Mini gun from Anvil Industry can be a good option, with a good price (£2) you can get a spartan and replace the weapon with this parts.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/Minigun

The Prototype

I loved halo legends, specially the bad ass armor featured in the segment "the prototype", that armor with the technical name HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System was incredible. I want to make the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I part of my army. I find that Unity Council Ajax Exo-Mechs from Anvil are almost perfect for this, and in a future I will made the stats for those.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Ajax-Exo-Mechs
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