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New updated covenant Cards and Rules!

By : LeonDelgado

News from the front lines!

After being working on this, I updated all covenant stats cards for the covenant troops, that you can now download from the tap above. For the moment the Covenant heroes will no receive an update because I need to test them more.

Also the main rulebook was updated, with some minor fix on the missions and some basic rules.

The changes were:

Covenant cards:
- Reduce cost of all troops.
- Elite ranges now has shields.
- Hunters cost now 100 points, you can deploy 2 in a 200 pts squat as intended.
- Black ops Grunt now has a better attack value.
- Improve the attack value of Black ops Grunt, Jackals and drones.
- Hunter stats changed for balance.

Main Rulebook changes:
- Minor fixes on the knock back rule to clarify the blast weapon.
- Minor fix on the Hard point and Slayer missions.

On the Works:
The next thing for me is continue working on balancing the units, but now I want to make Ordnance cards, that will allow the player to get special gear and reinforcements during the battle, I will explain this in the future.

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