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New Halo Tokens!

By : LeonDelgado

Finally, after some time I was able to produce the tokens and templates for Halo Tactics. In the PDF file that you will find in the top of the blog you can find the tokens for weapons and grenades, and also the blast templates.

Weapon tokens: the weapon Tokens can be use to mark when a character dies and his weapon is left in the battlefield, also when a character pick up a weapon in the battlefield the token can be put next to the character to help the players to remember the fact that the character is using a weapon different from the one portrait in the miniature.

Grenade tokens: perfect to put in the character card and keep track of the grenades that the character has. Also when a character dies his grenades can be put in the battlefield to be pick up for another character.

Blast templates: here (in the page 2) you can find the blast template that can be use to understand who is impact by a game effect. Also is the Large blast and the Large blast with a plasma art instead of a fire explosion.

Bubble shield: some characters may start the game with a bubble shield projector, in that case here is the template to put in the battlefield to mark the place where the shield is deployed.

For printing those tokens you can use an A4 size paper of a Letter size paper (there is a PDF version of the templates for each size) but the ideal size would be the A4. 
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Dev Diaries: Knock Back Rules explained

By : LeonDelgado

In the new version of the rulebook (work in progress) I will define better the rules of some weapons, including how to use the Knock back ability of a weapon.

here is the updated rule that will affect weapons such frag grenades, missile lauchers and Fuel rod guns. 

knock back (X): Targets hit by this weapon are knock back a number of inches equal to X. Knock back represents a character being thrown backward by the force of an attack.
Move the character in a straight line away from the attacking character, called the knock back path. If multiple characters take damage from a game effect that causes knock back, resolve the knock back starting with the character farthest from the attacker.

A character’s knock back path ignore difficult or hindering terrain, but can’t continue if cross  an object that blocks movement, other character (friend or foe), elevated terrain of a higher elevation or the edge of the map. If it would do so, the character’s knock back path ends right before its path would cross into any of these obstacles, and the character takes 1 damage.

A character’s knock back path can push him outside a ledge, in that case the character will also take falling damage as normal.   

Some blast weapons or attacks have the Knock back rule, in that case the main target of the attack (the character in the center of the blast) is move following the rules of knock back, and other characters under the blast template move away from the centre of the template. As always the characters takes damage of the blast, plus 1 damage if the  knock back path is blocked.

What is next?

By : LeonDelgado
Some time past since my last post. I was working on some other projects and I leave Halo tactics on a side temporally. Now I’m planning to continue working on the project.

What is next:

I want to make new cards and tokens, but first I need to test more the game. Some people send me message (thought this blog and the facebook page) and looks like the community is growing, that is good. Now what I need is to play to see if the profiles are balance or need tweaking.

Once I feel that those profiles are working I plan to bring new toys into each army: my first task will be bring the Scorpion and the wrath (with variants). Those could be really fun to have in the game, fighting the covenant scarab.

Please, if you like this rules, try them and send me your feedback, could be great to know what is working and what is not.


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