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Modeling: making a custom made Spartan with M247 GPMG Turret

By : LeonDelgado
Many of you will be able to get your Spartans from Ebay and Halo Actionclix (or Heroclix) booster packs, but one of the most important weapons of the game is very difficult to obtain: the M247 GPMG Turret.

In an ideal world you would be able to get some extra miniatures of Jorge (from the halo reach set) and painted to fit into your Spartan squat. Whoever, the halo reach set is one of the most difficult of find (if ever) on Ebay and can be very expensive.

Looking for options I check into the amazing Infinity miniatures range and find the special deterrence group azra'il. This is a model that has a similar weapon to Jorge and an armor that can be similar to an MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.

So I got one (from Dark sphere, London), and using an extra Spartan model I have I got a new replacing head for my new miniature. With some green stuff I sculpted a nect (and check that the head fit) and then painted it black and then blue (later I will do the same for my red team).

This is how I manage to get a new and impressive Spartan with heavy turret weapon ready to join blue team.

Halo mega blocks in your table-top games?

By : LeonDelgado
This is an interesting Idea, I know that maybe many of you would feel that a toy that is basically a Lego version of halo belongs to young people, but in the recent years I manage to get some of these products and I was impress with the quality of them. So why we cannot use them to play war-games?

Let me explain (and tell my story): a year a go I find one the set of the covenant anti air turret on ebay. I buy it to see the quality and to use it as terrain for halo. I was surprise with the quality of the models, and despite of the limitations the halo mega blocks manage to convey the vehicles and terrains of the halo universe, not mention that the characters are in a similar scale to the halo Heroclix line.

If you want to have access to a vast number of terrain, vehicles and miniatures (or mini-figurines as they call them) the halo Mega blocks is for you. A plus is that if you have a kid and you want to share your passion with him for halo and wargaming this is a good point to start, both can play the game with miniatures that will not break and will resist the abuse. 

Using infinity models in your halo games

By : LeonDelgado
For those who are looking to build your own halo miniatures to play your battles, there is a possible option: Infinity. This game from a Spanish manufacturer has one of the best sci-fi miniatures in the market, and with some minor changes you can convert those miniatures into halo characters.

Size comparison of the models, infinity model in the middle.

I planning to use some of those to represent the insurrectionist (and of course create some stats cards for them), and also to use some models to represent special Spartan characters for the game.

I'm bringing your attention to these models (and being hones, is a fun game), because some of you may find more entertaining to build your own miniatures instead of looking in ebay for models, and here is an interesting  option for your games. 
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