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Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After finishing the first version of the rules and the stat cards for all existing Halo miniatures (taken from Halo Actionclix and Halo Heroclix) my next step was play testing.

The first game was made with some friends that help me to try the game. We play first a game of 2 vs 2, UNSC vs Covenant, follow of a game of 1 vs 1. This first games followed of a second gaming season last week were two players play the game (I was just an observer) help me to make some minor changes.

1) I changed the defence of all character following this concept:

Defence 14: for military soldiers.
Defence 15: for especial units.
Defence 16: for heroes and super units.

2) grunts and Marines are more cheaper now, also pistols point cost drop because of the range.

3) new rule: aim the ground. You can now ain to a specific point of the battlefield and attack it. Put a marker, this is the target of the attack and has defence 14.

4) new action: Run. Now a character can choose to run, he moves his full speed +6". He cannot attack in the same faze that he Run.

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